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- Olio di San Mauro - you can refer this first-class olive oil naturally with us -          - With us they get a 100 % biologically cultivated and traditionally processed olive oil at a fair prise -

  Olive oil - the liquid gold of the south

   One can say that today only of very few oils. The food oil of the today's mass production "liquid gold of the south"
   is distant frightening far from the designation.

   The EEC standard permits the designation "specially vergine" to also inferior oils and guarantees by no means
   high-quality and good-tasting oil.

   (pdf) Which olive oil hides itself behind which label?

   The quality purge results from the following methods
  - the olives are shaken by machine by the trees
  - with enormous vacuum cleaners absorbed and in large-scale installations to a fluid mash kneaded
  - partially chlorinated solvents are added
  - one hurls in centrifuges with hot water
  - chemically and thermally and the oil extracts then bleached
  - deodoriert neutralized and if necessary.
  - this oil may lead then still according to EEC standard the designation "specially vergine".

   Pressing and further handling
   After the harvest the olives must be pressed as fast as possible. In the oil mill they become first
   cleaned and then cuts up. They are converted to a mass, distributed those on press mats and one
   presses out. This pressing is one of the most important procedures with the production of olive oil,
   because of it quality and nourish-technical characteristics of an olive oil depend crucially.

   Genuine olive oil specially vergine may be pressed only coldly and by means of mechanical procedures.

   The yield is increased by heating up when pressing out, but goes thereby all good characteristics
   lost. Something similar applies to repeated pressing out.
   The following distinctions exist according to the guidelines of the EEC
   1. Unadulterated olive oil is won only by mechanical procedures (inclusive pressing) and without chemical treatment.
   It again divided into
   - Olive oil specially (cold pressed, perfect taste, content of free fatty acids (oleic acids) at the most 1%.
   - Olive oil finely (cold pressed, same conditions as olive oil specially, content of free fatty acids at the most 1.5%.
   - Olive oil medium-fine (cold pressed, good taste, content of free fatty acids at the most 3%.

   2. Refined olive oil is also called "refined pure olive oil" and won by refining unadulterated olive oil.
   It possesses no specific taste or smell, the biological qualities remains however.

   3. Pure olive oil is called also mild or Riviera type and is a blend of unadulterated olive oil and refined olive oil
   with a weak flavour
   Are there how many pressing?     (Table see below)
   1. Pressing - here one gets the best, which has to offer the olive! The olive juice is tenderly light green and possesses a delicious
   Taste. The 1. Pressing possesses at the most 1% fatty acid.

   2. Pressing - a fine quality, however with a higher chlorophyll content. Thus the 2 becomes. Pressing clearly greener in that
   Colouring and possesses a stronger taste. The acidity is with at the most 1.5%.

   3. Pressing - this pressing possesses a medium-fine quality and has likewise a higher chlorophyll content. It possesses between
   1.5% and 3% fatty acid.

   4. Pressing - last pressing (the warming or "hell in such a way specified "pressing) must because of to many free fatty acids refined
   become (refined olive oil).

   Olio di San Mauro guarantees so-called "first pressing".
   These harvesting and manufacturing methods guarantee that the portion of free fatty acids the far under upper limit of
   1% lie (with us 0.3%), which is prescribed for olive oil of the first quality "specially vergine".

   In order to receive the natural taste of the olive oil, we do also without filtering, which at the nature-cloudy
   Colouring to recognize is.

   By setting the material materials off the colour of the olive oil in the course of the time changes. By transport
   and the rising temperatures in spring and summer can something sentence form therefore again.

   These changes are proof for the absolute nature leaving ness of an oil, that not only unusually
   tastes, but also is extremely healthy.

   Biological characteristics of the olive oil "specially vergine"
   The olive oil "specially vergine" represents a very high biological portion of our nutrition. Owing to its
   characteristic composition it differs of other oils.

   Olio di San Mauro predominantly consists of in satiated fatty acids and small quantities of satisfied fatty acids
   (vital for our organism), enriched with very important substances how: Polyphenol, Vitamin E, beta carotin,
   natural Antioxidant and trace elements (very relevant for our health).

   The constant benefit lowers the bad Cholesterin mirror (LDL) and increases the good Cholesterin mirror (HDL).
   It is scientifically proven that olive oil works "specially vergine" with heart and vein-illnesses preventing.

   Culinary characteristics
   The olive oil "specially vergine", with its characteristic and mediterranem flavour improves each court. No matter whether it purely,
   for the salad, for roasting or cooking one uses. It is a component for a healthy nutrition.