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   Olive harvest - cost-intensive and aufwändig

   The main harvest time of the olives begins in the Mediterranean area in October and lasts to end
   January, rarely longer. The harvest is the most cost-intensive part of the olive oil production.
   Of the care around the harvest to a large extent the oil yield and those hang approximately
   Quality off.

   Depending upon region the most different harvesting methods worked satisfactorily: In the steep
   Areas must also today still, as eh and ever, which are harvested by hand fruits.
   There one cannot use machines, therefore hundreds of men work and Women for weeks in
   the Olive-groves.

   With the harvest are speed and at the same time most careful treatment of the fruits crucially.
   Therefore should at the most two to three days from picking to pressing offense, so that the
   optimum quality can be won. Very crucially for the quality of the oil is also the storage before
   pressing. Air-permeable are idealcrates or bags. With wronger and to long storage itself
   typical can for olive oiltaste errors result in.

      All manual work                                                                             storage crates