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- Olio di San Mauro - you can refer this first-class olive oil naturally with us -          - With us they get a 100 % biologically cultivated and traditionally processed olive oil at a fair prise -

  The storage of olive oil

   Olive oil is durable with adequate storage over 2 years. However this hangs again of that Quality
   of the oil off.

   By adequate storage one understands: no light, no oxygen and no Heat-fluctuations.
   High-grade steel cans or ground vessels are suitable for the storage of olive oil. In no case plastic container
, even if these are considered as food genuine. If one acquires its Oil-reserve on journeys, can for this
   purpose naturally plastic containers use, should have done however the olive oil with the arrival at home
   immediately fill over..

   The best storage temperature amounts to 16°C - 18°C. Who discovers with cooler storage (refrigerator),
   that the olive oil became cloudy and flaky: Ask no excitement. This procedure does not have influence
   on the quality of olive oil.

   In the light stored oil loses fast to quality, because the chlorophyll contained as suspended particles in the
   olive oil disintegrates and the oil becomes ranzig. With darkness however the same chlorophyll particles
   unfold their anti-oxidative Effect as a preservative. Which we in our food as chemical preservatives to admit
   must, has the olive oil by nature.