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  Olive oil - the queen of the oils

   Olive oil in the antiquity
   If one goes today into a grocer's shop, one can receive olive oil of all possible countries of origin, mostly however from that
   European Union countries Italy, Spain and Greece. But also the housewife in the Rome of the turn of an era knew already
   olive oil different provinces acquire. The oil became from Southern France, Spain, North Africa, Palestine, Cyprus and Greece
   imported. Reason for this was its long durability, so that it could get over also the long ship journeys of the antique ones. So
   became olive oil beside grain and dried or salted fish the most important merchandise the antique one, at least in
   Purchase to food. Surely Rome would have its number of inhabitants at that time of approx. 1 million without the olive oil
   very many more heavily to nourish can.

   Apart from the nutrition olive oil in addition, the hygiene served. At the end of a bath attendance the Romans or the Roman oiled
   themselves and the surplus oil with a scraper removed. This cleaning was very efficient. Oil-soluble dirt was removed, likewise,
   and the oil also still the skin maintained fats and skin eliminations at the same time. This outstanding cleaning efficiency the oil
   uses the modern woman for good reason also today, still approximately for distance persistent make-ups. Olive oil surely was
   more skin preserving as the soaps and Tenside of today's days, which in the long run only degrease the skin and make expensive
   creams necessary.

   At the beginning of our time calculation the olive was already one since thousands of years well-known cultivated plant. During
   today the largest Quantities in the western Mediterranean area to be produced, thus in Spain and Italy, is the origin of olive oil
   production rather on the island Crete to search in Syria and Palestine. The oldest archaeological finds in Israel, simplest oil mills,
   are to to 9000 years old its. In them the olives were by hand cut up and pressed out still with stones. By constant far development
   of the production procedures ever larger quantities of oil could be produced.

   The sailor people of the Philister already mentioned in the old will possessed manufacturing plants, the 1200 v.Chr already 3000 tons
   Olive oil per year to produce knew. The Philister floated moves trade with Egypt and other Mediterranean neighbors. But with that
   Victory of David over Goliath transferred the Israelites power and olive oil production in the holy country.

   Olive oil found not only as food, but also to the nursing for the sick and in the practice of religious rites use. So it does not surprise
   that also in the Christianity, which finally came out from the Jewry olive oil seems indispensable.

   In former times oil lamps served the time for the lighting of the places of worship, it however in the run by candles were displaced.
   But today still for the Unction by patients and dying antlers width unit olive oil is used. With baptism and Confirmation in addition, for
   the Unction by priests, bishops and kings Chrisam is intended, an olive oil aromatized with the oil of the Balsam-tree.

   One receives a particularly good overview of the history of olive oil production in Israel oil Industry museum in Haifa, its Direktor,
   Dr. David Eitam important Excavations executed in Israel.